Article Date 10/07/2018

Image from : Mike McCleary/Associated Press

Canada drops mustard from retaliatory tariff list while ketchup remains a target

Source CBC News

Canada may have declared war on American-made ketchup, but has given its sidekick, mustard, a reprieve.

Mustard made the proposed list of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods, but the federal government dropped it just before the tariffs took effect July 1, cutting Canadian mustard seed farmers a break.

Several industry groups petitioned Ottawa to get certain items taken off its hit list. And while boats, dishwashers and ketchup imported from the U.S. still face a 10 per cent tariff, the cries of Canada's mustard lobby were apparently heard. (The government wouldn't comment on the specifics of its decision.) 

The industry feared the mustard tariff could have driven down prices for mustard seed exports to its biggest customer, the U.S. — or, even worse, that the United States would retaliate with tariffs on Canadian mustard seed.

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