Article Date 11/07/2018

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Loblaw pledges more support for Canadian farmers

Source Canadian Grocer

Loblaw Companies Ltd. is supporting Canadian farmers with a new program it says will make shoppers less reliant on imported fruits and vegetables.

Canada’s largest grocery retailer plans to spend $150 million more a year with Canadian farmers by 2025, buying local produce that would otherwise be imported from trade partners like the United States and Mexico.

The company has also pledged to work with farmers to implement “innovative” growing methods and plant non-traditional crops in order to extend the growing season and bring the “Grown in Canada” label to fruits and vegetables that have traditionally been imported.

Canada was the world’s fourth largest importer of fresh vegetables in 2015, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, importing $3.07 billion worth of products excluding potatoes. It was the seventh largest importer of fresh fruit in 2016, bringing in $5.98 billion worth of products including $652.6 million worth of grapes, $541.8 million worth of bananas, and $506 million worth of strawberries.

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