Article Date 07/01/2019

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Dairy producers concerned over revisions to the Canada Food Guide

Source Cision NewsWire

Health Canada is set to publish a revised Canada Food Guide later this month. Indications are that the document would de-emphasize the scientifically proven nutritional value and health benefits of dairy products by eliminating the Milk and Alternatives group and actively advocating that Canadians shift towards consuming more plant-based sources of protein.   

Not only could this be detrimental to the long-term health of future generations by leading them to erroneously think that dairy products are unhealthy, it will also have an effect on a sector that continues to be negatively impacted by the concessions granted in recent trade agreements.

Research continues to confirm that milk proteins rank as some of the highest quality protein available, and are particularly important for growing children and preserving healthy bones and muscles in aging Canadian adults.

This is especially true when compared to the plant-based proteins Health Canada is considering prioritizing over dairy within the new Food Guide. Unlike milk products, these plant-based sources of protein do not even meet Federal requirements to be called "source of protein" on their packaging.

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