Date de l'article 2019-01-08

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6 trends to impact the food industry in 2019

Source Food Dive

In 2019, both everything and nothing will be new in the food and beverage business.

As the year unfolds, there are sure to be trendy products, major deals and paradigm-shifting innovations rocking the industry. But the major trend lines in the industry have all already started, and will continue to grow and develop this year.

Functional foods are going to become more refined and popular — especially with the potential addition of now-legal cannabinoid CBD. More big M&A deals — as well as many small ones — will chart the course for where Big Food is heading next. Packaging and production will continue to be more earth friendly, and companies will be moving closer to fulfilling their sustainability pledges. Products will continue to roll out to meet consumers’ health and wellness desires, and plant-based meats will keep making a dent in the market.

Here is a look at our projections for 2019 in food and beverage.

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