Date de l'article 2019-04-15

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How retail tech can take grocers back in time

Source Canadian Grocer

Decades ago, customers would call their local grocer to place an oder and have it delivered. They would ask for staples such as cheese, milk, bread and dishwasher soap and look to their grocer for suggestions on what to serve dinner guests.

The advent of retail technology is essentially allowing grocers to create that same tailored experience. “With all of our artificial intelligence and e-commerce, aren’t we just trying to go back to where we were before?” asked David Donnan, a senior partner at A.T. Kearney, during his presentation at the 7th Annual Canadian Food and Drink Summit in Toronto last month.

Today grocers are using data and artificial intelligence to build trust with their customers and offer the types of experiences and service levels that previously existed, he said. “What we’re trying to get technology to do we already had,” said Donnan.

Moving forward, food will play an even more pivotal role in shaping the relationship between consumers and grocers.

Here’s how:

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