Date de l'article 2019-05-15

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Survey: 75% of CPG companies plan to spend more on packaging

Source Food Dive

CPG companies are investing in packaging to respond to a number of current trends. The first is the growth of premium products, where packaging format, quality, printing and appearance can give consumers the message that what's inside is a high-end item and worth the extra cost.

The L.E.K. research found 42% of the survey respondents have increased the number of premium products in their portfolios, while 35% changed their promotional approach and 32% expanded price-pack offerings.

Other factors pushing more investment in packaging include product personalization, which more than half of brand owners told L.E.K. they had ramped up during the past two years. Coca-Cola, for example, has been drawn positive attention for its decision to put people's names on their Coke cans. CPG companies also plan to launch at least 15% more SKUs in 2020 compared to 2018, requiring more effective and differentiated packaging.

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