Article Date 24/05/2019

Image from : Charles Contant/CBC

Restrictions on alcohol in sugary drinks take effect across Canada

Source CBC News

New regulations restricting the amount of alcohol allowed in potent, sugary, premixed drinks take effect Thursday across Canada.

Until now, a 568-millilitre can of what Health Canada calls a "flavoured purified alcoholic beverage" could contain up to 11.9 per cent alcohol, the equivalent of about four standard alcoholic drinks, or portions, such as four regular beers or four five-ounce glasses of wine.

Under the new regulations, a drink of the same size can't contain more than 4.5 per cent alcohol by volume, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor told CBC News. 

Earlier this year, a Quebec coroner concluded that consuming several cans of the malt-liquor drink FCKD UP contributed to the death of 14-year-old high school student Athéna Gervais.

In February 2018, Gervais drowned in a small creek behind her high school in the Montreal suburb of Laval after she reportedly drank most of three cans of the beverage, which contained 11.9 per cent alcohol, on her lunch break. Gervais had stolen the cans from a convenience store.

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