Article Date 19/06/2019

Image from : Montpak

Délimax-Montpak group announces the acquisition of Viandes Forget

Source Cision Newswire

Délimax-Montpak, an industry leader in the production-processing of veal and lamb, is proud to announce the acquisition of Terrebonne-based Viandes Forget.

This transaction strategically aligns with the group's vision by enabling it to grow its processing capacity and enter the market of local beef. 

Viandes Forget, founded by the Forget family nearly 50 years ago, is a large federally-inspected multi-species slaughterhouse with some 70 employees.

With this acquisition, Délimax-Montpak will maintain its leadership in the local lamb market in Eastern Canada. As the slaughterhouse also processes beef, the group will be well positioned to introduce a local beef program to its customers.

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