Article Date 08/07/2019

Image from : Google Images

Coca-Cola wins energy drink arbitration case against Monster

Source Food Dive

As part of the contract to purchase the stake in Monster, the energy drink company banned Coca-Cola from distributing other energy drinks. However, there was an exception for products marketed under the Coke brand.

Coca-Cola leaped at this loophole and last fall announced the release of a line of energy drinks called "Coca-Cola Energy" and "Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar," which placed the two companies in head-to-head competition.

Although Coke voluntarily filed the arbitration and announced that in either outcome it planned to abide by contractual obligations, it was clear that the Atlanta-based company was confident in its case.

In April, Coke began selling its energy drinks in Spain and Hungary, an early signal of what it saw the outcome would be.

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