Article Date 09/07/2019

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Water sales increasing across convenience channels

Source Canadian Grocer

As far as choice goes, there’s never been a better time to be a consumer. Thanks to globalization and connectivity, consumers around the world have access to a wider array of products than ever–a trend that’s likely to continue going forward.

And the bevy of choice involves products and services from both multinational and local brands. But even in an era of massive choice, consumers have spoken: water continues to see strong sales growth in Canada across convenience stores.

In step with consumers around the globe, Canadians are actively working to improve their health and make better decisions for their overall wellbeing. Leading a healthy lifestyle is now top of mind for many consumers, but the approaches they take are as individual as the people themselves. One thing that seems to ring true though is consumers are quenching their thirst with water.

With more than two-thirds of Canadian consumers (71%) feeling overweight and 54% actively trying to lose weight, finding the right combination of food and beverages is key to a well-balanced diet. While individual plans and strategies differ from consumer to consumer, nearly three-quarters (74%) of Canadians are including a very simple choice in their quest: actively trying to drink more water.

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