Article Date 11/09/2019

Image from : Restaurants Canada

Restaurants Canada wants all restaurants and bars permitted to sell alcohol to go or with deliveries

Source Kitchener Today

In a previous article on KitchenerToday, Restaurants Canada says provincial governments should permit all restaurants and bars to sell consumers alcohol to go or in their delivery orders.

The national association representing the industry cites other provinces which currently allow establishments limited amounts of beer and wine for customers to take home.

Locally, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Greg Durocher says this would only allow businesses to keep up with the direction delivery services are going.

"I'm not so certain that Restaurants Canada here is asking for something unusual or unprecedented. I think it's following suite with other mechanisms that are in place to have alcohol or food delivered or picked up, and taken home. I think it's almost a moot point and it probably points to provincial governments and saying, 'yeah, we need to look at this.'"

Durocher also says, this probably won't be a very controversial issue and doesn't believe many people are panicking about this, other than some restaurants and bars.

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