Article Date 27/11/2019

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M&M Food Market eyes expansion

Source Strategy Online

M&M Food Market has accomplished a lot over the last five years under CEO Andy O'Brien.

The former Canadian president of Kelsey's and Montana's at Cara was brought on to transform the frozen food retailer in 2014, following its acquisition by Searchlight Capital Partners, the U.S-based private equity firm that also owns Roots. The ensuing years saw the company (previously named M&M Meats) rebuild its corporate team, relocate its head office to Toronto, implement new store designs and remove the artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners from its entire product line, leading to five straight years of comparable sales growth, according to the CEO.

Within the last two-and-half years, M&M has renovated more than 50% of its stores (with an additional 50 or 60 locations on slate for this year), continued to expand its product portfolio with new formats and meals designed for specific dietary needs, and introduced a new Rewards loyalty program, built on 17 years worth of transaction data from its former MAX loyalty program and so far capable of serving up personalized offers to 3.5 million active customers.

The retailer has also made strides to address what has long been one of its biggest challenges: penetrating high-density urban centres and less-dense rural areas across Canada. Through its Express Store concept, which offers around 50 products (compared to the 450 typically found on the shelves of its standalone stores) in the frozen food sections of retailers like Rexall. It has seen its click-and-collect business grow 50% per year for the last four years, and rolled out delivery to 225 locations.

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