Article Date 28/11/2019

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An Ontario Poutine Chain Is Trying to Open in Quebec

Source Montreal Eater

You know what sounds like a great business plan? Trying to make a poutine and hot dog chain from Ontario work in Quebec.

According to La Presse, that's just what New York Fries is doing, as the chain just opened a counter in Carrefour Laval this week.

New York Fries has no connection to New York (city or state) - rather, it came out of Brantford, Ontario, in the '80s. While it did have locations in Quebec in the '90s, it's been gone from the province for a couple of decades now. It has over 150 locations elsewhere in Canada, and a few dozen overseas, primarily in the Middle East. The company was acquired by hospitality and fast food corporation Cara in 2015, which also owns St-Hubert, Harvey's, and Swiss Chalet (Cara is now known as Recipe Unlimited).

There's probably a reason that New York Fries didn't become a success in Quebec - its menu is rather similar to that of a casse-croƻte. It's centred around fries, poutine, and hot dogs. The poutines vary from the classic to options such as butter chicken or pulled pork poutine; hot dogs include rather salty items such as a bacon-cheese topped dog.

Given that this is the home of poutine (and there's perhaps a certain Quebec pride around that), "let's bring poutine from Ontario to Quebec" is perhaps not the wisest business move. That said, there are a couple of factors that might work in New York Fries' favour.

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